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Wedding Menus / Pricing

We offer several different menu options at an affordable price. You can order straight from a menu, or we can customize something for your wedding. For your convenience, our pricing is all-inclusive! We have many different upgrades and add-ons available. However, those are completely optional. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for our clients, and our pricing is setup to do just that. If you'd like pricing on items that you don't see on the menus, just let us know - we love special requests! Please keep in mind that we have a $2,500 catering minimum for weddings.


BBQ  Bar

Love BBQ but want to serve it with a twist? This menu is for you! 

19.10.12 Powers-Bobo.jpg

Dessert Menu

Looking for something sweet to offer? Let's do it!

Wolfe - Miller Food 08.jpg

Italian Wedding Menu

Italian is such a crowd favorite that we thought it deserved it's own menu. This menu can be used for events of any type.

Lowe - Vining Food 03.jpg

Taco / Nacho Bar

Do you LOVE Mexican food and want to incorporate that into your menu? The Taco/Nacho Bar is a crowd favorite for a reason!


Breakfast / Brunch Menu

This menu is full of breakfast favorites. This menu can be used for events of any kind.


Fajita Bar

This menu is perfect for those who love Mexican food but want something a little different than a Taco/Nacho Bar.

MAM 04.jpg

Party Menu

This menu is one of the most popular menus. This menu is full of finger foods from light to hearty. This menu can be used for events of any type.


Wedding Dinner Menu

If you want to serve your guests something casual and delicious - this is your menu. This menu can only be used for weddings.


Cocktail Hour Menu

This menu has light foods that you would serve your guests during a cocktail hour. This menu is mostly for wedding, but can be used for any event.

McElroy - Champagne Food 04.jpg

Gourmet Wedding Menu

This menu has gourmet options that you would serve your guests if you want a more upscale option. This menu is for weddings only.

Hubbard - Travers Food 04.jpg

Pizza / Pasta 

We just don't think you can go wrong with Pizza and Pasta! If you want to keep things simple and fun, this menu is for you! 

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