Dinner Price: $15.00 Per Person

- Price reflects one meat, two vegetables, and one salad setup buffet style

- Includes rolls, two beverages, water, plastic ware and setup and cleanup of the catering area

- For each additional meat selection, add $3.00 per person

- For each additional side selection, add $1.00 per person

Meat Selections:

   Grilled Chicken

   Lemon Pepper Chicken

   Oven Fried Chicken

   Baked Chicken

   Roast Turkey Breast

   Smoked Turkey Breast

   Smoked Pork

   Smoked Chicken Breast

   Smoked Brisket (+ $1.00/person)

   Baked Ham

   Hamburger Steak

   Roast Beef

   Beef Tips & Rice

Salad Selections:

   Tossed Salad

   Layered Salad


   Broccoli Salad

   Fruit Salad

   Pasta Salad

   Southwestern BBQ Salad

   Oriental Slaw

   Grape Salad

   Vinaigrette Salad

Beverage Selections:

   Sweet Tea

   Unsweet Tea


   Strawberry Lemonade

   Ginger Lemonde

   Coffee (+ $1/person)

    *other beverages available by request

Vegetable Selections:

   Cornbread Dressing

   Pasta Alfredo

   Mashed Potatoes

   Loaded Potatoes

   Mashed Potato Bar (+ $1.00/person)

   AuGratin Potatoes

   Macaroni & Cheese

   Green Beans

   English Peas

   Broccoli & Cheese

   Broccoli Casserole

   Candied Yams

   Whole Kernel Corn

   Baked Beans

Dessert Selections:

   Chocolate or Peanut Butter Pie

   Lemon or Coconut Cream Pie

   Apple, Peach, or Cherry Cobbler

   Banana Pudding

   Carrot Cake

   Cream of Coconut Cake

   Red Velvet Cake

   Banana Split Cake

   Strawberry Shortcake

   German Chocolate Cake

   Lemon Supreme Cake

   Devil's Food Cake

   Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake