Price: $15.00 Per Person

- Price reflects one main dish, two meats, and three sides setup buffet style

- Includes biscuits with jelly, two beverages (tea & juice), water, plastic ware and setup and cleanup of the catering area

- For each additional main dish selection, add $3.00 per person

- For each additional meat selection, add $2.00 per person

- For each additional side selection, add $1.00 per person

Main Dish Selections:

   Breakfast Casserole

   Chicken & Waffles w/ Syrup

   Breakfast Pizza

   Western Scramble


   Grit Bar with Shrimp

   Omelet Cups

Meat Selections:


   Sausage Patties

   Sausage Links

   Sliced Breakfast Ham

   Smoked Sausage

   Turkey Sausage Links

   Turkey Sausage Patties

Side Selections:

   Hashbrown Casserole

   Country Potatoes


   French Toast Sticks


   Apple Dumplins

   Cinnamon Rolls

   Sticky Bins

   Sausage Gravy

   Assorted Fresh Fruit

   Fruit Salad

   Assorted Muffins

   Grape Salad

   French Toast Casserole

Beverage Selections:

   Sweet Tea

   Unsweet Tea


   Orange Juice

   Apple Juice